Summit Pediatrics is proud to introduce a new, secure connection for our patients to access their personal health information.
Registering for your child's Patient Portal is easy and only takes a few minutes. You may call us directly at 716-298-4454 and we will be happy to begin toregister your child over the phone or you may ask a receptionist at their next appointment.
What Happens Next?
Once your child is registered, you will receive a welcome email from SummitPediatrics <>. It will contain your temporary password and instructions for logging into your new, secure Patient Portal for the first time. Note: Each child will have their own individual portal therefore you will need to maintain and keep track of a log in and password for each of your children.

•Schedule appointments

•View your child's personal health record (PHR) including immunization records

•Update demographics

•Receive appointment reminders

•Access medication lists

•View past and future appointment dates and times

You may then begin enjoying the benefits of your secure, confidential and convenient Patient Portal!
Need Help? Please call us at 716-298-4454 between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm and ask for the Portal Administrator, she will be happy to assist you.
•Your child must be an established patient and at least 30 days old in order to use the portal

•Please call the clinic to schedule your child's first appointment. You may ask a receptionist to be web-enabled when you check in for your child's appointment. You can then begin using the portal for scheduling future appointments, etc. (for patients at least 30 days old)

The Patient Portal is not intended for use in emergencies. If you require urgent or immediate medical care, call 911.

•Questionnaires and other forms can be found on the Forms page of our website if you'd like to print and fill them out before an appointment.

•Immunization Records can be found on your child's portal under Medical Records>PHR View>Immunizations
You can begin using your new Patient Portal at any time, day or night to:
Patient Portal Enrollment Form   Individual Forms for each child must be completed. In addition any child over the age of 13 must also sign the enrollment form.
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A Few Basics: